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Test run into the business.

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Hi all,

I love this place cause it doesn't matter what media I'm about to print on there is always useful information from great people. I'm about to embark in another venture (kind of already did actually) but my partner and I are just puzzled at how we should be charging for Vinyl Decals / Signs.

I read through most of the topics in this section and I am still a bit confused as to how people charge OR a better question to ask is where you come up with the cost per sq inch say.

What I'm trying to do right now is build a pricing list for wholesale and retail. So that brings me to another question, how much different in mark up is there between a wholesale price and a retail price?

A bit more info most likely be 1-color die cut vinyl for letters and designs. I know weeding plays a big role in price changes as well.

I also don't want to be known as the 'cheap' vinyl guy either but I don't want to be the most expensive. Just want to be the inbetweener trying put some good quality work into everything I do.

All your help is much appreciated as always!!
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It's really dependent on area. I suggest picking up a copy of the Sign Contractor's Pricing Guide. This book is probably available at your local signage supply place, otherwise you should be able to find one online that has it in stock. The pricing to me is too high for my demographic, but I still have it and sometimes refer to it if it's something new or outside my comfort zone. It covers banners, vehicle decals, and a few other things. Some folks stick closely to its prices.

I always determine the complexity of the job first: Am I printing or just cutting, am I laminating or clear coating, am I applying to a substrate, is it my substrate or the customer's, am I doing the install if it's an actual sign. All of these of course change the price and my labor involved with it.
Here is a link to a cool tool mystysue posted a while back. Its a vinyl calculator for signs and such. Here is a link Sign Business Free Sign Price Calculators. hope this helps :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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