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Hullo t-shirt people! Lovely to (sort of) meet you all.

I'm Pete. I run Azure: a nice, friendly and occasionally competent graphic and web design company in a place called Sunderland, north east England.

We deal with lots of lovely people from startups to the odd bigish organisation, specialising in database-driven websites, business promotion materials on and off line, magazine layout, branding and pretty much anything we find interesting! You can see if you think we're any good at www.azure-design.com.

Anyway, we've got a couple of big clients that need a regular supply of t-shirts, and we like the idea of having a press basically so that we can play with it and make some tidy threads with which to impress geeky girls.

So, I'm starting out as a complete beginner, throwing myself on your mercy to see if, through careful study of your collective experiences, I can educate myself sufficiently to make sure I don't buy a massive turkey.

My ignorance of t-shirt printing is truly impressive. I hope to rectify that over the coming days.

Rave safe, kids!
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