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Templates, templates, templates

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I'm a novice at t-shirt design, however, I heard great reviews about CorelDraw and Illustrator. I need 2 know if these programs or any other, offer dummy proof templates where I can import an image and simply arrange/align it onto a back/front t-shirt layout.
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no it is a little more difficult than that. they do have t-shirt templates but they are more for doing a shirt mock up.
Both programs are great, and i use them both. I favor corel for screen printing.
Both have templates you could mock your designs with. Depending on what you are importing (vector vs raster files) will depend on quality. But if you are looking to just mock up placement for internal/printer use, both work equally well.
In the left column of this page under T shirt sites is one source. Google for a ton of other sources.
Oh O.K thanks. I thought they were within the programs.-Jeff
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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