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I'm one of the team members working on integrating an online custom design option to our apparel/design company. We have a site fully set up using Deconetwork, which seems ok so far (wasn't our top pick) and now that we have the store set up and all of our products defined we're almost ready to switch it live.

However, the boss doesn't want to go live without some form of stock art. But he also hates the options offered by deconetwork. Everything he found that he liked wasn't available for use in online sales. Are there any good options I can bring to him that are estore/custom design friendly? The rest of us want to get this going live, but we're being held back by a lack of stock art (even though we don't think most of it will ever be used). Any direction would be great.

I found the two links in the FAQ and i'm reading through them now and browsing the collections but I'm not yet sure if they're usable for our applications.

Any additional help would be appreciated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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