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I recently upgraded my Tunnel Dryer to a new one (Still single phase) but it goes up to 200degrees and a belt speed of up to 80.

Problem is, my t-shirts keep burning, no matter what combination of belt speed/temperature i use, it's currently on 80degrees and the belt speed is about 10 seconds.

My orders mainly get placed on Gildan Heavy cotton tshirts, i'm pretty sure they're a blend of some form but over the past 2 years i have never had a tshirt burn since my first few weeks printing until i got this new dryer.

Can anyone suggest a decent fix so i can check my print is cured but not burn the t-shirt? I dont really want to have to pass my t-shirt through 5 - 6 times with a high belt speed and low temperature because it's not time effective or better than my previous dryer.

I use Permaset water based inks, always have, so the curing is a lot longer than plastisol of Virus.

Thanks for any help, it's driving me up the wall.
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