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Teflon pillow information

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I have a heat press and have not had the best results with all my transfers. Lines are left at times, some of transfer stays on paper after peeling, and I've had very bad luck heat pressing polyester running shirts.

After reading some threads on the forum I decided that I probably need to purchase a teflon pillow, but I notice that cover sheets are recommended as well, are the cover sheets serve the same purpose as parchment paper?

Also, teflon pillows come in many different sizes, do I need all the different sizes, or do I only need a teflon pillow that is a bit bigger than the actual transfer itself?

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks in advance
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Not sure that the the Teflon pillow will solve your problem. Try placing a sweatshirt on the base of the heat press. That might do the trick.
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