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I have a graphic I nabbed somwere off the net to play around with.
I traced it with potrace.
I have been fooling around with it in AI CS2.
I went to paths and had it clean up.
Somethings tho.
When I looked at it in outline mode there were lines were there was nothing in preview mode. That I don't get at all.
Second as I was deleteing what I assumed was "bad" lines to be cut by the cutter I delete 2 of the back teeth. I copied some other teeth and pasted back in. In outline mode they show. In preview mode they are not there. Totally confused on that.
I saved and opened in corel and same thing and the eye shows in AI but not corel in normal mode.
I can't upload the ai file but if anyone can look I can email it to you.
I am just lost.

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