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I am having trouble getting good clean transparency films to print using my Epson R1800 printer... here are the details:

I purchased the printer used along with my other equipment and so I know that it sat unused for a long time... so I ran multiple tests and ran the automatic print head cleaning that the software provides. I also replaced the ink cartridges that were low or not printing clearly. The printer seems to be printing well.

I am printing onto transparency film that also came with the printer/equipment. I do not know if it is waterproof or not, but it does have a smooth & rough side.

When printing onto the transparency I am getting "teeth" marks in lines spaced about 1 inch apart... these appear to be from the paper feed and leave small pinholes in the image where the ink does not take. This is also causing small dots in other places where ink seems to rub off the teeth on the paper feed.

Any suggestions?

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