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Teespring? How does this work, etc?

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I just ran across Teespring and am quite curious about it.

Does anyone use this and, if so, are they happy with it? Are you making sales?

What would I pay to have a shirt made up and do i choose which type of shirt?

Do I decide pricing? Do I pay upfront? How many do I make?

Do they have rights to my design?

I'm totally confused about this website but at the same time, interested.

Any help would truly be appreciated.


- Suz
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I was wondering about this myself a month ago so I think you design a shirt in their website, list the minimum amount you want to sell. You set the amount you want to pocket, say $10 and tee spring will list it for $15. They take care of the printing I believe.
Thanks for your reply genessisat.

Yep, I think I got the basics of it after reading the website Q&A's several times.

However, after reviewing the Q&A's, it wouldn't let me click on the "what if you don't reach your goal?" question which makes me wonder. and customer service is closed on weekends so i can't get an answer until monday.

Also, after looking at reviews online for teespring, I see alot of positives from the sellers, but the buyers are not real happy - from poor workmanship on the tees to horrible customer service.

Mixed thoughts here.

Just wondering if anyone on this board has made any decent money on here using this company...

- Suz
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Customers have brought teespring printed shirts into my shop, ones they designed. Quality problems on most of them.

I suggest working with a local shop. You can deal with quality issues face to face.
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