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I am going to buy a insta press (used) for $750.00 they said it was $1,200 new amd woks well. I was going to buy transfers 100 for $35.00 dollars and beging my busines. I would like to eventually print my own designs...what would i need do do this, is it expensive. by the way the heat press is 15-15. will this do larger art work, what is flocking, sublime...etc. I need the 411 on the entire business..how do i get art work done. Right now im selling Obama and its going good, any places where i can get good Obama stuff, can you heat transfer CAR flags..as you can see I need to be filled in on all aspects of this wonderful business.
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I would like to eventually print my own designs...what would i need do do this, is it expensive.
Unless you are a very good artist, you would need to hire a artist to make designs. I suggest you purchase a good paint program for your computer (I have no idea what good ones they are, just research it) and hire an artist to make some graphics. You can tell him what your looking for, and he'll make it
As far as the 15x15 that will do those stock transfers just fine. You will also be able to use it for stuff you do on your computer as long as you stay with in the 15x15 area. Getting into large format printers and presses can get very expensive. If you start out with the insta and things go well you can buy a larger press and keep your 15x15 for a back up or use them both.
Sorry I forgot about the art work, you may want to contact transfer express and ask them to send you samples and a catalog. You can check out there site. www.transferexpress.com
Computer programs are one of the most expensive parts of the buiss,.

Just starting out it is easier to buy the transfers. Look at the sponsors, some have designs which can be changed to your specs. If something in needed beyond those designs you can hire a designer, and have the transfers made.

Welocome aboard..
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