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Tee Swing brand Shirts?

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so early today i swung by the dollar store and they had a ton of blank tees for a buck each. so i picked up a dozen black tees from a company called "Tee Swing" they're 50% Cotton 50% Kodel (No clue what that is). they're super thin and super light weight

but i cant find them anywhere on the internet. is this a common thing to find nobody brands at stores just not online? if you know of any where i can get more Tee Swing shirts let me know. i've yet to print on them but i will be in a few days.
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If the shirts have an RN number on them (which they should), you can search for them at Registered Identification Number Database under the RN database.
Those Tee Swing shirts turned out pretty good. took in well. they just ran a bit small
This brand belongs to the ClassTex Knitting mills inc.which is a knitter and manufacturer of quality tee-shirts, tanktops and shorts. poly cotton, camouflage and solid colors in adult and youth sizes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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