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Tee Square it & hoodies

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Just wondering if anybody uses a Tee Square it while doing hoodies? Does it work? What is your technique?

Thanks Ray
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Fold it in half and press to get a centerline. Then use the logo-it for the front. For the back use the t square it. We use this for everything.
@binki: Do you fold in half and pre-press for tee and hoodies? Does this get all the moisture and wrinkles out the same as it would if you don't fold it?
We fold to get a centerline on the front for left breast placement on all garments. If we need to we will prepress the back. For hoodies we will do that for moisture removal but for tshirts they are thin enough that on pressing pretty much does it.
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I press for center line on T's... never tried it on a hoodie. For the hoodie I just lined up armpits and got the center from the measurement.
I am thinking the TSI will eliminate the need for the center line press.
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