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Hello, I have an estimated 2,000 or so presses on my Stahls Maxx press using JPSS and Alstyle tees. I run my press at 380 degrees for 30 seconds with teflon platen cover and craft paper cover sheet. I will typically experience maybe 1 out of a 100 run where the tshirt will show 1 -2 pinhead sized burn spots on the shirt outside the carrier sheet area. Typically they only happen on white tees. I have run silver, ash grey, and various other colors with no issues. I started using Alstyle cream colored 100% cotton shirt and burned 4 of only that color. The remaining 80 or so shirts of that run consisted of white, ash gray and silver T-shirts with no issues at all. What would cause one particular color T-shirt to burn like that? I've tried to run a lower heat with no success as the transfer would not release the ink consistently.
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