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Technical help with a rototex 6 head

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Hey all, hope business is going well for everyone.

I need a little technical advice with a problem i'm having.

The machine is a rototex 6 head 8 station automatic screen printer. this is the actual one but not my one. http://www.digitsmith.com/attachmen...x-automatic-6-8-sale-american-rototex-pic.jpg

The actual problem is that our number 1 head does the flood stroke fine but is having trouble completeing the print stroke, it'll stop half way and not work untill the independant print is pressed, which also needs to be held down or it'll stutter as it pulls through.

it's not a pressure problem because it does this even when unloaded, the machine is in a pretty good condition but we're relatively noobish when it comes to the electicals :/.

IF anyone knows what i should check or try it would be much appreciated.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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