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Team baseball tshirts

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My customer is looking for 14 t-shirts with individual name in back and team logo in front. I am new to heat transfers. What will be the best method to do this? I don't have any equipment. I have access to a t-shirt supplier. Do I need to buy a transfer heat press?

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Order them from Custom Ink?

If you had access to a heat press you could do custom die cut or plastisol transfers. Stahls, Imprintables, Transfer Express, Dalco, Versatrans, Ace Trans Co, Heat Transfer Warehouse all come to mind. There are others as well.
binki, I don't think you could do that at Custom Ink as they want the shirts individualized. Can you do single shirts there?

At a minimum, you need a heat press. For this job, I would suggest you go through someone like Stahl's who offers both Team Perfect (Heat Transfer Text & Graphic - Team Perfect | Stahls’) and Player Perfect (Heat Transfer Name & Numbers - Player Perfect | Stahls’).
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