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Target Market

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Trying to do some research on Rhinestone T-shirt market. Wanted to know, what is the target market for rhinestone t-shirts? Is there a certain age group or industry that buy more shirts then others?
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For my part,the rhinestone transfers can be applied to anyone. Especialy the young group, and the group who like the fashion tide.;)
The rhinestone transfers are most popular among the students,dance team and the sports team.
Moms are a great target market. They like the bling to show support for whatever activity their kid is in.
In my experience it is:

1) The moms (or occasionally grandmas) of their kid's team
2) Women wanting their business or company logo in bling
2) The young girls on a cheer or dance team

in that order. In my area, teenagers are not wearing bling unless they are on a cheer or dance team.
Our rhinestone business is dead. Nobody in our area likes it anymore. They still love the glitter though.
The horse business is also a good target market. Rodeo, reining, any kind of show horse event has women/girls who want bling.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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