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I want to tear out tags from my shirts and go custom would it be better to screen print, pad print, or use sewn in tags.
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could I use a pad printer to do tagless and a one color print on the sleeve.
Pad printer is the best, fastest and cheapest.

Or you can create a multiple small platen system for your Neoflex and print 3 wide by 6 long inside collars. I'm building a custom acrylic platen system just for tagging inside. Can do custom sizes easier that way, but more expensive in ink and labor.
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Tagless is same as avdertising and deliver comfort to who wear.
Very minimal investment.
Manual pad printing one color to automatics. $600-$15000(3 color)
I invent pad printing process. Ink(Worked with German ink company) steps (AA created).
Cashed in millions. Check YouTube "All American mfg and Supply"
Key is **ceramic** sealed cup and plate making suit to garment.
I want to say it is must to grow business.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
AA has manual 1 color pad printer packages starting for a really reasonable price. The cost of pad printer ink is considerably more expensive then screen printing ink and you have to be more precise with measuring the ink. The RapidTag that AA sells is pretty bad a$$ but just starting out I would recommend the pad printer. Hanes uses a similar (automatic) 2 color pad printer unit for all their tagless shirts!
Agent E know very well.
Hanes own 2500 2 color AA pad printers.:) all over the world. Dominica, Hoduras, India, Vietnam, NC, Bangladesh, Thailand --- etc. I was there every each factory to set up train them. Now Hanes go for RapidTag for speed and opacity. :)
Manual package is good start with very small(?) investment.
Just tell me what to do for your success.
Your success is our success.
Cheers! Let go Tagless.
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I think pad printer is what we are going to go with, but how hard is it to learn and could it also be used to put a print on the sleeve of the shirt? We are almost ready to get a pad printer and a pretreat machine to help grow. Wanting to purchase same time, does AA still sell pretreat machine.
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Chris! We sell all. DTG, sub Equipments, pad manual to auto, screen print, graphic printers --- endless. :) top brand only.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
If you print your own tags, for legality is there specific information the tag must contain? material content? Country Manufactured? wash instructions?
If you are manufacturer yes,
Simple will be more than enough.
Most important is your contact name & info and nice LOGO(Ask NeoArtist :)). 100%Cotton is good enough. SMLXL that's it.
Cheers! Please do this. Small money~~~. AA will make plate for you. Cheap. All you need is 4 plates. Keep using over and over. Ink is cheap also.
I never see any successful company not doing this.
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My spc-125 pad printer I ordered thru AA will be here Tuesday:)and I have decided for price reasons to make my own plates. What inkjet printer should I get to make them, I just found out I need one also:confused:
also how difficult is this going to be:(

Do not bother to make a plate yourself unless you want to do promotional print business.
Let AA make plate for you. Call Jim Black. Monday.
From Munich Airport. Coming home :)
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
wish I could but at $45 better for me to do my self need at least 12 different, besides ordered the package with the exposure unit so might as well use It, how difficult will it be:)
wish I could but at $45 better for me to do my self need at least 12 different, besides ordered the package with the exposure unit so might as well use It, how difficult will it be:)
Not difficult at all.:)
I don't know the price. Actually any supply price except DuPont ink. Only liter price too. and i insist lowest. LOL. Many thousands of items AA have.
For give me.:)
NeoFamily should not pay $45. I will advise Pad Dept upon my back home. All you need is SMLXL MAX 6 plates? $270- NeoDiscount= :D
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
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Hey did you ever figure out what neofamily discount:D might be, pad printer arrives tomorrow and will need plates. If I make my own what printer should I buy:confused:
Positive film maker. Any Epson A3 will do it. Film choice is important. Ask Jim Black.
And you do need light exposure. Like screen burning.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
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