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Table top screen printing press

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Hi, I want to purchase a good quality table top screen printing press. If you have access or leads to any in ASIA, please PM me.

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not sure of any vendors in asia to be honest, but you could get one shipped if you don't mind paying through the nose.

Check silkscreeningsupplies.com for a few choices in table top presses.

i got a four color single station from there and it's been pretty useful..
i AM ALSO looking for a good table top screen printing press. Who would you recommend. Do you have a few options we can look at. I'm based in New Zealand so finding suppliers in the USA has not been easy. Would appreciate any assistance here.

Thank you. Daniel
sir if you where looking for table setup why don't you try this thread "show your rig" there is a lot of table setup pictures there that you can compare
Do you all mean a line table or an in-lline table press?

@seaskull, where are you in asia?

@tshirtstudioNZ, I am not sure if anyone in Asia/Australasia makes them. The line table press I've seen in youtube are made in latin american countries. If that's the press you are referring to, any good carpenter/welder can make them.

For in-line table press, you can check this link http://www.t-shirtforums.com/screen-printing/t120814.html. You may need a language translator such as babelfish though
Any1 know who is selling table top press in singapore?

Tks in advance!
For all your needs check Alibaba.com Many of the sites that do heat presses, digital printers, etc will sell one off. For a 40x60 swingaway I have been quoted from $180 to $250 for courier delivery from China to Bangkok. Plus I will have to pay the customs extortion at this end. Still it's expected to be a little under half price of a name brand press sent from the USA.
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