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Table sensor not working properly? Please help!

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Hello all, I'm new with my neoflex, just started using it today, I love the treatment and the costumer service is amazing :D. Well everything works great, except that the printer just wont stop moving while it sits in the home position, the sound of it is driving me crazy x_x, it moves slightly back and forth, I think is a sensor problem, because when the printer hits the home position (when it returns from the back part) the red light of the sensor goes on, but then the printer goes a little bit to the back that causes the red light of the sensor to go off and the non-stop movement of the printer starts again, I'm going to post a picture so you can see it (see how the metal part in the bottom of the printer is not parked where it should be, otherwise the red light from the sensor would be on) . If anyone knows how to fix it please tell me, I'll really appreciate it.
Sorry for my bad english! I'm from South America.
Does anyone knows if AA works on Saturdays? x_x, or any number I can contact tomorrow? I had to power down the machine, and every 5 hours I have to come back, turn it on, and do a cleaning, this will be a long weekend...help :(
It prints ultra great though :D (bright side)


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Is thir something in the way of sensor. Does the machine go all the way to end position or just a little bit and than back to home? If thus the case the sensor might be bad. Your black plug that goes into the printer is that wrapped around the leg of printer just how it was when unwrapped. I unwrapped the plug and did t wrap around leg so my plug hit my sensor and tweaked it a little. They are delicate I got lucky and when I pushed back in position the light went off. So check that and see if anything in way of those and check the bar on your printer that goes inbetween sensor to make sure it's ok.
Welcome to NeoFamily!
We just finished our company party.
Shipping vibration did it. Quite a simple problem. Move stop sensor forward or reverse little bit.
You can set up auto program any hours you want to. Please read manual.
call 610-662-7502 Pete anytime you want to even now.
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
Oh no, I know how to set the automatic cleaning, is just that I think leaving the machine on like this (moving back and forth) is going to damage something, that's why I turned it off, how can I move the sensor?? I have to unscrew it? I don't want to bother Pete at this hour, I'll call him tomorrow morning. I think both sensors (the one in the back, and the one located in the front) works fine, the printer just does not park where it should, it does get to the sensor, but something makes it goes back a little triggering the non-stop movement of the printer carrier. If I quickly press the stand by button when the printer reaches the front sensor the sensor red ligh turns on, but then the printer is in not on ready mode, so I have to press the stand by button again, and then the printer moves a little bit to the back (sensor light goes off) and the back and forth movement starts again :/
Is that understandable? sorry I really don't know how the parts that carries the printer are called.
Thank you both for replying at this hour, and thanks Peter for giving me Pete's number
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The bar that goes trough the sensors is fine, I don't know what makes the printer carrier go back a little bit when it reaches the home position, when it makes this backward movement the sensor light goes off and the little back and forth movement (like swinging) starts, it doesn't do this when the printer is in the back position though, only when it reaches the front/home.
I'm not by my printer but check the function settings on the base. Click function and go through to see if any have continuous motion. That's all else I could think of. I know Pete will know the answer in the morning their geniuses
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I'll check the functions menu, see if everything is normal, but I think it might be something else. Yeah I think Pete will know, I just hope he doesn't get mad for calling him on saturday x_x. Thanks for all the suggestion though!! :D
Lol, good morning.
Printer back and forth is not auto cleaning function. It is test mode of all drive system works well. If you find out how you to do drive fuction you are good. Not many are know there are fuction like that. It is not on manual too. At least moving is 100%.
cleaning fuction, Printer will never move. Stay still but cleaning.:)
Relax, you are in Tigers hand.
Today is not Pete but he will help you. Chaucer CJ 267-250-0205
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
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I have to say it again, the neoflex costumer service is AMAZING, Pete helped me even though they don't work today, I think my problem is related to static, I've changed some things about it and now when the printer reaches the home position it does the swinging movement, but it stops after 3 seconds, ahhh I'm so happy :')
Thanks to all!!
Hello Natasha,

Please ensure that you give us a call Monday morning. What you are incurring is due to rough shipment. We will fill you in on the details Monday.
The problem has stopped completely now, but I will give you a call tomorrow just to make sure everything is running smoothly :)
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