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T-shirts for cutting???

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Ok, so I have been customising my own t-shirts for a while now, mostly ripping them kinda how Adam Saaks does it for Ed Hardy.

Anyways, sfter getting a lot of compliments and interest in my t-shirts I decided to buy a few blanks to customise and see if I could sell them. I got some Fruit of The Loom t-shirts and they arrived today. The size and colours are perfect, I love the fit, but after customising it I'm not sure that I got the best t-shirt for the job.

They're not quite as stretchy as some other t-shirts I have used, so the tears don't kinda roll up as much as I would like them to. After I cut out the neckline the seam along the top of the shoulders started to unravel. They do look really good, but obviously I can't expect to sell an unravelling t-shirt! Lol, unless I can just sew over the seams? But that would be very time consuming.

So I was wondering could anybody recommend a t-shirt that would be good for ripping? (womens t-shirts)

It kinda has to be tight fitted and stretchy.


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I'd take a look at any of the better brands that do women's shirts: Alternative Apparel, American Apparel, Bella, etc.

Good quality light weight jersey tends to roll at the edges of the bolt. The coarser the fabric, the more likely it is to unravel instead. The finer the cotton used the better. Likewise if you want tight, those are the brands to go with (and other similar brands - anything premium basically).

Those kind of shirts tend to have a reasonable amount of stretch anyway, but if you want a little extra just look for shirts with a bit of spandex or similar thrown in (I know Bella make some for one).

When I've been doing my own t-shirts they have all turned out perfect. The best ones were my Ralph Lauren t-shirts, and you can tell that ther are better quality. They're much softer and roll up perfectly.

Do you know if any of those have UK sites or if they ship to the UK? I am not a business so that might make it harder to buy them, and I can't buy a lot as I won't be able to see or feel the t-shirts first so I don't want to waste a lot of money if I get the wrong ones.

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