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The T-ShirtForums.com Classifieds area was created as a free way for TF community members to sell t-shirt related equipment, materials, garments, etc that they no longer have a use for. Members can also make service requests in this area (artwork needed, web design estimates,etc ).​
It is not a place to advertise your business, promote your website, or offer your services to other members. If you are interested in advertising on this site, please contact us directly for our ad rates.

The following special guidelines are place for this section of the forum:
  • To keep spam down, we require that you have at least 15 quality posts in the forum before posting in the classifieds area.
  • All sales questions should stay between two parties and be kept "off board" via email or Private Message. You cannot reply to a someone's ad via a regular forum post. You must PM/Email/Phone them.
  • Similar to newspaper classifieds, the ads posted are "one way" communication. That means that you CANNOT respond to anybody's "for sale" post.

    You must contact the member that is selling directly via the contact method they specify in their sales ad (email/phone/Private Message).
  • Do not create a post in this forum to ask a question about a classified ad or comment on another classified thread. Contact the seller directly.
  • Sellers should list a clear asking price, description of the equipment (preferrably including an uploaded picture), payment methods you accept, and your preferred form of contact: PM, Email, Phone Number, Skype, etc.

    Try to use the following format in your classified ads (you can copy and paste this when you start a new thread):

    Item(s) for sale:

    Condition of items (new in box/used/etc):

    Asking price:

    Contact Information:


  • You must select an accurate thread PREFIX for the type of post you are making: FOR SALE / EBAY AUCTION / SERVICE NEEDED. The SPONSOR OFFER prefix is reserved for T-ShirtForums.com Advertisers.
  • The name of the item(s) for sale should be the title of the thread. Please don't create misleading titles to try to draw people into reading your classified post (ie: "look here for a great deal", "liquidation today only", etc)


  • If you prefer to sell your item on eBay, you can post a link to your auction. Please don't abuse this privelege by trying to get around the "no self promotion" rule.
  • If you are requesting a service. Please list as many details about your project as possible. If it's an artwork request, be VERY specific about what you need, what your budget is, etc. List every imaginable detail as to cut down on back and forth communication and misunderstandings.
  • This is a free service. Please limit your classified ad postings to once per month.
  • Do not post a URL or link to your website. Post all relevant information for the classified ad right in your post.
  • You can follow these instructions to upload a picture of the item(s) you have for sale. If you need a place to host your image, try www.imageshack.us.
  • Once your item has sold, please return to the thread, and post a quick reply to your own thread that says SOLD and I'll mark the thread as closed/sold.
  • After the transaction is complete, both parties can leave feedback about the transaction using the itrader feedback system.
  • T-ShirtForums.com advertisers may post a "SPONSOR OFFER" once per month listing any special offers they are currently running on their site (may include appropriate links)
  • Classifieds posts are for members only. Your classifieds post will not show up in Google/Yahoo/MSN or other search engines and will not be viewable by members that are not logged in.
  • Disputes should be handled between the buyer and seller and self regulated via the trader feedback system. Please report abuse directly to the site admin via Email or PM.
  • T-ShirtForums.com reserves the right to remove any classified ad for any reason.

Classifieds Disclaimer:
Please take the precautions you would ordinarily take as in any transactions involving money and items of value. T-ShirtForums.com, its owner, sponsors, and members are not responsible for any losses. The T-ShirtForums.com classifieds system has no provisions for assisting individuals who have been defrauded but if you have problems inform us immediately via the Feedback Forum, Private Message or e-mail. Abuses to this system will not be tolerated.​
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