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T-shirt with short length (retail)

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I've been looking for a t-shirt that would fit me well lengthwise, but so far the search has been disappointing.

I've tried the 2001 Fine Jersey by American Apparel, the Beefy-T by Hanes and the Super Premium by Fruit of the Loom. All these shirt were Medium sized and widthwise OK.

The AA model is way too tall, 75 cm/29,375", and way too light. I don't know how light though, maybe 160 g/m². Width 51 cm/20.1". The sleeve width is 18,5 cm/7.3", measured by me.

Hanes has a nice high neck, but it's too heavy, 215 g/m², and also too tall, 73,66 cm/29". Mine was a bit shorter, 72 cm/28.3". Width 50,8 cm/20". The sleeves are too wide, 20 cm/7.9", measured by me.

The FotL shirt fits me best. However it's still too tall, 72 cm/28,3", though mine was 70,5 cm/27.8". Width 53,5 cm/21.1". Weight 205 g/m². Sleeve width 17,5 cm/6.9", measured by me.

The ideal length for a shirt for me would be 67 cm/26.4". I know there are fitted shirts like this with enough width, about 51-54 cm/20"-21.3", but judging from photos they all seem too tight around the arms, and they also seem to have too short sleeves and/or too wide neck.

So, what I'm looking for is a regular t-shirt that would ideally be:

67 cm/26.4" tall
53 cm/20.9" wide
18 cm/7.1" sleeve width
180-200 g/m² weight
high neck

The first two criteria are the most important, there really don't seem to be any shirts like this around. Do you know where I can find one?
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Have you looked in to Anvil and Gilden shirts..

are these mens or womens??
These are men's.

Actually, the very same day I posted here, I ordered the following items:

Gildan Ultra Youth Short Sleeve T
Gildan Ultra Short Sleeve T
Gildan Heavy Short Sleeve T
Gildan Heavy Youth Short Sleeve T
Anvil Heavyweight Short Sleeve T
Anvil Heavyweight Youth Short Sleeve T
Anvil Mens Organic T-shirt
Jerzees Heavyweight Short Sleeve T
Hanes Beefy T Youth
Authentic Pigment Short Sleeve T
Jerzees High Cotton Short Sleeve T
Hanes Tagless 6.1 oz Cotton Youth T-shirt
Jerzees Heavyweight Youth Short Sleeve T

Hopefully one of these will fit me well so I can get it in all colours of the rainbow.

Of the adult tees, the Authentic Pigment shirt seems to offer shortes length, 68,6 cm/27", though the colours look a bit weird in the pictures. That might be a good or a bad thing, hard to say when I haven't seen it live yet.

However, it's the youth shirts that look the most promising, 67,3 cm/26.5"-68,6 cm/27". Never thought that there were sizes that would, widthwise, overlap the adult shirts, so I didn't go through them before.

If anyone has more tips, feel free to hint me.
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