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T-shirt transfer paper

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What up?

I found some t-shirt transfer paper lying at the bottom of my paper stack at home. I forgot I still had this stuff. I opened the package and I got about 8 sheets left! However the instructions were nowhere to be found :( .

So I would like to know a general method to successfully use t-shirt transfer paper with a good, clean, washable and re-washable finish. The brand is hp that's all I can remember right now, I'll try and dig up some more information on the exact type/version of the paper later tonight.

Cool y'all - v5.
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More than likely it is a hot peel transfer paper. Print design in printer with a mirrored image. Pre heat garment at 375 degrees or hot iron at max no steam.
lay transfer on white or light garment face down and press for 20 seconds with heat press at med to heavy pressure. If using an iron press iron firmly down on all parts of transfer at about 20 seconds EACH AREA OF TRANSFER. Remove transfer paper while it is still hot.
badalou said:
If using an iron press iron firmly down on all parts of transfer at about 20 seconds EACH AREA OF TRANSFER.
I am going to be using an iron because I don't have a t-shirt press. What do you mean by each area of transfer?

Do you mean that I should firmly press the the iron down for 20 secs all over the transfer? So I leave the the iron pressed down at the top left for 20 secs, then move the iron along a little to an area I have not pressed, say the top right of the transfer (for clarity of the post) then press down the iron firmly for another 20 secs. Is that right?

Basically the process should take much longer than only 20 secs for the whole transfer sheet?
Yes, you need to think in terms that each part of the paper as a seperate transfer. If you were using a press you would be able to press it all at one time at 20 seconds. But your iron is maybe 4" x 8" so it is a lot smaller.So on a 8 x 10 transfer you have at least 4 to 5 places you need to cover to get it all. Hope that is clear.
The most important thing when ironing a transfer is to press down very firmly on to the iron. Use both hands and press strongly into the iron to make sure you're giving a good, solid pressure.

If you're doing a full-sized print, you'll probably want to be ironing it for a total of 1.5-3 minutes. Also, absolutely do NOT use steam.
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