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Hello there :p,

First of all, excuse-me for my language mistakes, my mother language is French (and if you want to correct my mistakes, do so, as I'm trying to get fluent in English).

I'm new to the t-shirt business, but I know Photoshop quite well so I imagined a printing "torture test" made of color grids that I thought could be useful for other Photoshop users here.

Here are all the .png files I uploaded to Printfection to run the test on their most classic t-shirt (I haven't tried on American Apparel), as well as the HD pictures of the printing result and an explanatory image for those of you who want to better understand what do those grids correspond to in Photoshop, and what are the color mode and dpi I worked with: Printfection_TortureTest_order.rar

HERE IS A LOW-DEF PREVIEW OF ONLY ONE SHIRT (high-definition pictures can be found in the .rar file (see above) but NOT on flickr) :

MY THOUGHTS ON THE ORDER (for a better understanding, download the .rar file (see the beginning of this post)) :

All-in-all, the colors do render pretty well, and I'm quite pleased with my order at PF (but I hate the packaging), but you can also see the limits of POD:

- On the white shirt, back side, you can see how the thin lines on the right are very accurate. Only the 1px line could be better printed, so I'm very pleased with the result. The same applies for the lettering. On the black shirt though, the thin lines and lettering are less accurate.

- On both shirts, front side, the top-right / middle-right / bottom-left squares don't show much variations in the darks. And also on both shirts, back side, some of the top-left grid squares show a bad rendering (here, only a few squares are far too dark).

- On the black shirt, due to the white coat applied before a second pass for colors, you can see a white line around the grids (but it could be worse).

- On the black shirt, also due to the white coat, you can see the white coat showing through colors grids (more visible on the back side picture), as white lines and dots.

- On the black shirt, front side, compare how the black of the shirt shows through the white square of the first grid (top-left) but doesn't through the white square of the last grid (bottom-right). Printing is not uniform.

- On the black shirt, for those who might wanna know how lighter the black ink is than the black of the shirt itself, well, as you can see the difference is not that big but maybe it might show on a bigger scale.


Printed dark colors seem to be an issue (to me at least), and I really don't like to see the color of the dark shirts through the printing, same thing with white lines/dots showing through the colors of the design.

Regarding printing placement on the t-shirt, the design has been printed lower than what it was supposed to be (according to the preview on my Printfection products page).

Don't get me wrong though, I think the whole thing is ok for a POD company, and I like the myBrand feature and store customization options at PF.

Have a nice day, ya'll. ;)
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