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T shirt printing method for startup

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Me and my graphic designer friend want to start a business of t-shirt printing on 100% cotton (light and dark background colors).
After so much reading and research i came on conclusion that we can buy a heat press and outsource to print a design on heat transfer paper using plastisol. It will work for any color blank tshirt.
I am just starting it up so do not want to jump into big investment.
My question :
1) is it correct approach to use plastisol ?
I had to choose plastisol as sublimation doesnt work on dark tshirt and also on cotton. Even chromablast doesnt work on dark colors.
2) I just came to know about inkjet . Has anyone tried and can we use it instead of plastisol? Thanks
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Depends on the quantities of each design. For light colors, inkjet transfers can be acceptable for small quantities. Inkjets for dark print on polyurethane and you transfer the polyurethane film to the garment. You always have problems with the white of the film showing. Plastisol transfers are more suited to a wider varieties of colors and materials, as well as more durable. God Bless.
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