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t-shirt printing business

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i started my business(january 20012) as a home-based and solo of doing tshirt printing. i want to expand it and put it up as a real business, registered business and i'm wondering if i can make it because i'm just new in tshirt printing... could anyone can help me to answer my questions:

1. ideal capital or range to put up a tshirt business
2. is my knowledge is enough, do i need to go in seminars
3. employees- how many employees needed
4. other tips or requirements for a business like this

additional info: i'm using heat press

i really need your advise

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well i think sir you first have to have a very nice shirt. yun okay yung fabric. may nirecommend friend ko, check this out Solid Shirts | Quality is key -
I guess, first thing you need to do is to learned Silk Screen printing sir.
You can get more Regular customer sa Silk screen..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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