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T-shirt printing business from a-z - questions...

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I hope this hasn't been asked before - I looked and maybe didn't use the proper words... So...if redundant sorry, pls delete...

As I've mentioned in other threads - I'm just about to start - in about a month or sooner.

I have so many general questions and so on.

So...here I go...

1-I've opened for business - email, twitter, website, facebook. What other venues could you suggest - are those ok?

2-I will be making business cards, pamphlets that I will put up or distribute in churches, schools, universities, some restaurants, flea markets - what am I missing here?

3-I will try to sell via ebay, amazon, craigslist (if possible) and other local internet general sales places. What other web medium can I go to, to sell?

4-I have a few friends that work in big companies - will try to have them refer me. Sell to family too - it will help to get me out there!

5-Should I have my website address (and logo) on the upper inside part of shirt (to have easy return business)?

6-I have seen some presses but some people have hinted it was not the best - I don't know if I can list brands here...? Can someone give me a link to a press for beginner?

7-Can I get along without a cutter? I can print a color background for color shirts???? (this is an important question!)

8-I have a deskjet printer. I'm really doubtful that this will do the trick. What printer do I need - again - beginner, because $$$$. You can pm me if you are not allowed to mention brands or give links. Thanks!

9-I am in Canada. Can I buy only 100 shirt blanks to begin with? And can someone recommend me somewhere?

10-I have the same question as #9, except, this is for the sheets that I will print stuff on. Do I need 2 types of sheets? For white shirts and color shirts?

Ok...I know I am realllllllly asking lots of questions and big questions but, this will really give me a big hand and I really thank you very much in advance!

One last thing - I use Gimp (sort of a photoshop free clone) to make all my designs - anyone else uses or used this program?


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