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We have a webshop selling black and white (no other colors) t-shirts with full color prints in Scandinavia and will launch a sister site next spring for the North American market.

The concept is simple: User select the print in our shop (no "customer's own designs" here), the size of the t-shirt and whether he like the shirt black or white. The order will be passed over to the printer who prints and ships in our name and including e.g. washing instructions with our header.

At this point, we have no firm knowledge about the volume. However, by using the sales from the Scandinavian site as yard stick, a very conservative estimate gives us 500-1,000 t-shirts/month. Can be more and it can be less.

We assume that the technique that's best suited is DTG inkjet, but will consider other options.

Needless to say (?), the quality of the t-shirts has to be "the best", and so has the prospective printer's skills and service level.

We also prefer to cooperate with a company of some size or with some other form of "performance guarantee". (Forgive me if that sounded pompous. We just have to know that the job will be done, one way or another. We can't afford that business goes south if you're a one man operation and you get the flu...)

If you fit the bill, we are looking forward hearing from you!


EDIT: Fixed some spelling msiteaks. ;)
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