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Welcome to Hyderabad

A famous place in the world for having beautiful place as Charminar, Golconda, Salarjung museum, Falaknuma, Birla Mandir, Hitech city, Fabcity, and many more

A place famous for Biryani, Panipuri

A city of Happening, A city of Reforms, A city which transformed into worlds one of the biggest IT sector

Soon our Hyderabad is going to be the India’s best Textile and Specially T shirt Manufacturing hub with lots of technology to produce world class T shirts, also the T shirt Printing Technology of world class

Since we are here to promote T shirt manufacturing in Hyderabad, T shirts without printing or embroidery is as good as having food without salt.

You are privilege visitor to our site and a valuable customer for our products.

We are here in Hyderabad in the field of T shirt printing for the last 10 years, and have pioneered the art of Printing T Shirt with different technology available to make our T shirts look more beautiful

T shirt printing in Hyderabad is done in many ways some of them we know and some we don’t, let’s take a quick look at what we know

Traditional Screen Printing (T shirt Screen Printing) basically done in the method we print Visiting Card or Letterhead, here the quality and consistency is not proper and this type of print basically used in printing Numbers on Sports Wear, or Printing Name of the Player in the Sportswear, this printing is not recommended by health experts as the chemical used in Printing the T shirts are allergic to skin.

Light Garment Transfer Printing method using computer +inkjet printer and T-shirt Transfer media which after getting image on the media is Ironed and Transferred. This process is safe but the wash ability and fastness is too low (this process is also known as tattooing on t Shirts)

Now the printing System which most of them are unaware

The Manual Machine Multi T shirt and Multi Color printing System, here the print heads start with 4 color, 6,8,10,12,and also 16 and so is the multiple t shirt loading system in the same ration as print station, some time it may differ to be more in numbers .

This type of printing is done for bulk production with a nominal setup this type of units are famous in Tirpur , Ludhiana and other places in India were T-shirts are been manufactured in bulk and need to Printed in Bulk

The latest in this system is Automatic Machine were the Production Quantity and quality is very high than compared to manual machine, these machines are available in Tirpur, Ludhiana, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and many places in India .

Technology Makes things Easy, cheaper and productive at the same time gives lots of employment to people

Same has been done in the T shirt Printing Technology. A system called Sublimation Printing is easy, Eco friendly, cheap, and looks very good but this system has the limitation of printing on only Polyester garment, This is also used in printing coffee mugs, Badges, Home furnishing, sarees , dress material and many more things

A revolution called Digital Print on T shirt directly is now the in thing here the printer (inkjet) is designed such that T-shirt is loaded in the palette of the printer and then directly printed. We can print our creativity and most impossible prints on t shirts which we can’t print by the above said print systems. Even Black or Dark Fabric (T shirts) are printed in this system

And there is many more system of Printing T shirts some of them which are used by many T shirt printing units worldwide are

Laser Printing by any color copier machine on T shirt Printing media and Transferred to T shirt with the Heating or fusing machine (this process can be done on both light and dark garments)

The Effects we get with the Printing on T-shirts with Manual or Automatic Printing machine are as follows

Basic and most popular Rubber Printing (having a glace and softness of Rubber)

Non PVC Rubber Printing (Eco Friendly Chemicals)

Glitter printing (for children garments)

Pigment printing (normal print to make feel the softness of fabric without any special effects)

Discharge Printing, Disperse Printing, foil printing, high density Printing, Flock printing, and sugar printing (for designer and funky T shirt printing)

Also in the fashion are Embroidery merged with Printing today most of the designer and funky t shirts are using this method to make the t shirt more beautiful

Custom T shirts, or call it as Customized T shirt Printing to print Photos or any image to mark the memories on T shirt

T shirts are not just other way of dressing like Shirts, Kurta, these can be worn in any climate, any mood, any style, and anything you need not have the reason to wear T shirt the fashion today is such that even T shirt is used in suits and what to say about our traditional Dhoti it makes the fashion statement for some

Corporate World today is full of Stress and to make matter worst there is recession in the market. Now here we are not trying to market our product but to make some small information we gathered from our valued Customer.

Corporate T shirts with the Company’s logo gives an uniformity to the employee gives the feeling of oneness, Makes place casual, makes the mood light, gives lively and better working environment

That’s the reason many of the corporate today get their employee’s T shirt designed by themselves and has been offering and making them wear these t shirts

One thing is sure we can’t work in stress but if we feel wearing a T shirt gives a stress free working environment than this is the best way of releasing the unwanted stress.

Latest trend after the 20-20 matches have started corporate are also organizing 20-20 matches to the employee so that they can cheer up, get fresh, be fit and give their best in the matches, and these matches are again been played by wearing a t shirt or jersey with branding done. The message is clear wearing T shirts in office is the best way to give maximum out put your organization requires from you.

Same thing with Educational institute today with education becoming so tough, syllabus so heavy, activities so tedious all this makes the student live very stress full life now Even Schools and higher education institutes has weekly one day for T-shirts Here also T shirts are printed with the institution name on it making all the students feel the comfort of oneness, and equality between students, The group are divided in colors and these colors are again used in t shirts to make the group visible clear and outstanding

Students wear T shirts Printed with the theme on their events, annual days, plays, farewell parties even on fresher day.

Lastly for the entrepreneur it’s the most stressful life than compare to the employee and some times more than students, even they are seen sporting with T shirts on weekends and enjoying the relaxation after the stressful week and look forward to fight the stress in the coming week

The Only thing we wanted to convey with this long write up is Printed t shirts makes you feel young, energetic, and outstanding

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