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t-shirt pricing matrix Excel Spreadsheet

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I've been on the forum for years and see lots of folks needing a way to consistently price their work. I have decided to offer my pricing matrix here to see if there is any interest. It's not fancy, it's just a fully customizable Excel spreadsheet. It allows you to change the cost of each style of shirt, change your own mark up percentage on individual sizes (mark up for a 5X could be less than markup on a XL) It gives you the ability to change the price per print in increments of 1-11, 1-15, 1-24, 1-36, 1-48, 1-72 and so on for each color of ink. Yes, you'll need basic Excel knowledge, but it's very simple once you can read a simple formula. Again, I didn't make this to give away or sell.... but I see so many people needing help I thought I'd offer it at a reasonable $ 20 All the pricing matrix's I see online are much much more. I will attach the file here "WITHOUT" the formulas so you can see the layout. The print locations all have drop down lists with the ink colors. You have the ability to change screen charges for each color also and add in special charges. In the real file, you would enter information in the YELLOW sections only. The blue cells are the pricing and discount formulas. Lines 3-20 are hidden and are where all the background calculations happen. All these areas will be included in the real file and are all able to be changed. Simply save a file for each style of shirt with the current wholesale pricing, the spreadsheet keeps all your work consistently priced. If you're interested shoot me an email. [email protected] I hope this will be a good investment for a lot of you. It's served me well many years. Thanks so much.

link to the free sample excel file
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