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T-shirt ordering size ratio:

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Just wondered what the general size ordering ratio was like for every 10 T-shirts,3 would be large, 5 will be medium, 2 will be small,

Any ideas,

hope this is posted in the right section if not Rod please move
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1:2:2:1 (s:m:l:xl) has been the general ratio i've always heard. your market will probably skew that a bit though. some guys have never sold a sm, some never a xxl/xxxl.

i remember reading a thread here though somewhere. lemme check......... ah, here it is:

best of luck.
great thanks alot for that, that thread was really helpful
We are doing about 2:3:4:3:1 these days. We do tailor it to the specific shirt though; some some designs we might not even print any extra larges on, and others no smalls (if we're pre-printing them for an event or such, I mean).
is that s:m:l:xl:xxl or xs:s:m:l:xl
Ah, should have clarified - s:m:l:xl:xxl; we don't carry XS.
cool thanks
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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