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T-shirt nutter new business Australia

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Hi Everyone
I live in Australia and am a sticker nutter.I have a plotter and now am a proud owner of a heat press. I am very interested in building a business in providing vinyl decals and Heat transfer apparel. I am building my wealth of knowledge now with all there is to know in this industry.
To all the knowledgeable and experienced, Please feel free to give me as much advice about anything involved in this industry I am all ears.
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Hi Sticky , Welcome to TSF! You will be reading for weeks and weeks but my advice would be to start designing and applying or to start taking orders! When you come across something you need to learn enter some keywords in the Search box. If there are no answers applicable to your query then ask away and there will be someone to answer your specific question.
Good Luck!
BTW. from Melbourne here.:)
Welcome. Glad you are nuts i find it helps.
Hope your new venture does well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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