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T shirt mockup for website

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My Kids have a t shirt printing business and do a lot of custom shirts as well as shirts for dance studios. A lot of time is consumed understanding how big and where people want stuff. I have seen other websites where you can pick a shirt and type some font and it allow the customer to drag and rotate to give us an idea where they want it instead of going backwards and forwards.

As my kids are only 11 and 13 I dont want them fielding calls so I end up taking calls if it cannot be solved via email.

Any ideas where I can by a program like this or who could create it. Ithey run a neto ecommerce site that is testing in the background but are busy through word of mouth. Any help would be appreciated
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depends on your ecomm choice

if you want to keep it simple and cheap,
then i would suggest woocommerce and a plugin for the tee designer (search here in the ecomm sub-section)
some on here use opencart with a t-shirt customizer plugin
for something small like you want avoid magento, you will need a dedicated server = $$$

if you want simper and expensive look into shopify/big commerce/etc.

(no idea what you are trying to say in the second last sentence)
(no idea what you are trying to say in the second last sentence)
He doesn't want his youngsters trying to talk to customers on the phone to figure out placement of designs. So he is spending too much time talking on the phone himself.

Darren, as Edward said, there are a lot of options in the ecommerce section of the forum. A good online designer is not cheap, and those that are cheap/free are usually not very good.
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thanks splathead, i thought i was having a stroke

i seem to recall there was a decent one mentioned in that sub-forum for woocommerce that was <$50
(i'll go see if i can find it)
here it is:

fancy product designer
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