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Thats fine Moksha - but the rising costs & overheads in China are already too much for some buyers.
Indonesia still has some of the cheapest labour rates in the world & if the production, materials & quality is matched to European production systems & controlled by European Nationals, then buyers can get the best of both worlds - cheap price with quality & its the quality that really counts in this world.
Just my opinion.
Indonesia is still an un opened door for many buyers.
Mister David :)

The reason people choose to custom manufacture is because their requirements of specific fabrics, cuts, or colors can not be matched with any of the standard blanks being sold by t-shirt distributors. When going overseas you have the ability to manufacture any garment you are looking for. We do contract manufacturing here in China and all of our orders begin at the mill. Any fabric specifications you have can be met and we make all fabric according to them. So the exact content and weight of your desired fabric can be easily made. If you don't have all the specs of the fabric then we can take any swatch and match it perfectly. In addition to your exact fabric requirements we handle all types of printing, labeling, and packaging... Send me a message and with any other questions you have, I will be happy to provide suggestions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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