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I would like to find out regarding T-shirt manufacturing, which i could select my desired fabric from the vendor and the vendor would produce it according to my cutting and measurement and on top of that with custom size tag as well? Please do recommend any vendor no matter where you are...
There are many manufacturers in SE Asia, the Far East & all over the world who provide such services. In my experience, for custom-made orders, you'd need to have a reasonably high ordering quantity to start off with before they even pay you any attention.

Secondly, i would like to find out where can i get quality screen printing in South East asia? I would be glad to receive response from these questions... Thanks...
This thread had a similar question to yours, I made a short list from what little I know. The suppliers I recommended also do screen printing.

Also, if you may do a search by keyword tags you may find a couple more useful recommendations sprinkled throughout.

I'm not Singaporean but I worked there a few years. Hopefully some of the other natives will chip in and help you out too.

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