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t-shirt line: UncenShirt

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Hello everyone. I have been working on a clothing line,UncenShirt. (Uncensored + Shirt= Uncenshirt) I finally finished the first set of desisngs, so I hope I can get some feedback and support from this great community! www.uncenshirt.com Please let me know if you think I can improve it in any way :)

If you have time, please like our facebook page to support us. Thank you for your time!
UNCENShirt | Facebook
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no feedback or criticism? i'll take either.. i'm strong hahaa
I know the designs might not fit anyones taste, but I had a unique concept and I tried to implement it into the designs. I was hoping I could get some outside observation/comments :) thanks
I think your designs are pretty clever. Not really for me but you should be able to find a niche market for your shirts.
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Shirts ok, hate site, to many clicks to see a shirt. Some shirts should be on landing page

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Thanks, thats what i needed haha. I am trying to find the right audience because my shirts are a bit in the 'silly' tees region.

Thanks also for the feeback on the site. Do you think I should put maybe 10-15 shirts on the homepage?
You made me realize there IS a bit too much clicking involved. I guess i tried to be to categorize the shirts too much.

any more feedback is very appreciated :) I know that there is nowhere else i can turn to except this forum
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