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Production of a t-shirt involves a number of things: the kind of t-shirt used, the printing method used, and the means of labeling the t-shirt. When branding your clothing line it is necessary to show your logo as much as possible, and its also necessary to inform your customers on the details of the t-shirt they will be wearing.

The label of your t-shirt is home to all this useful information. When you're a new company getting into the t-shirt industry, it's highly recommended that u get your t-shirts branded like bovine.

So what goes on your label? The 'of-course' info include: shirt size, the country it was made in, and washing instructions. The 'you-don't-necessarily-have-to-but-it-would-be-cool-if-you-did' info includes, but is not limited to: your brand's logo, an interesting tag line or funny phrase, and your website.

Let's take a look at some interesting labels.

When you've decided on a great idea and design for your label, start searching for companies that can produce the label you want. You might run into companies with high minimums and costly unit prices or set up fees, but as with anything in this business, just keep at it and you'll find a problem to your solution. To give you a head start we found a few good custom label printing shops.




Also, consider getting your label made with a unique die cut shape. It further brands your t-shirt line. Another interesting option thats been more common lately is the tagless t-shirt: the t-shirt has no tag on the inner back collar but instead has the label printed in that area. Anything that sets your label apart or gives it a professional touch will undoubtedly help you keep customers.


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