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Hello, I Live in Europe and need to buy a 15"X15" heat press, i love G Knight but not selling in my country and importing from USA i can not afford because its very expensive.
My idea is to buy a cheaper model from Ebay Europe UK/Germany and avoid paying very high custom taxes in my country, ive founded these models, which one would you choose and why?
Any owns a heat press like the links above?
Recommend it?

http://www.ebay.es/itm/200642803806?ssP ... 969wt_1165

http://www.ebay.es/itm/130674537459?ssP ... 058wt_1398

http://www.ebay.es/itm/220923551112?ssP ... 774wt_1141

http://www.ebay.de/itm/Transferpresse-T ... 624wt_1141

Thank u very much.

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Hello I am from SEFA company, french heat press manufacturer.

Are you still looking for a heat press?

The links you shown are not quality models.

But I can understand if it is your budget.

Please let me know, and if you are still looking for something I may orientate you to a good price / quality.

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