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It depends what size you wish to be and how many sales you'd like to make.

Using cafepress, you're never going to be a threadless. But they are a cheap, and effort-free (compared to other methods) option, however.

The big disadvantages with these fulfillment sites:

1) Not much traffic to individual stores.

2) Transfer prints

3) You have no ability to Q&A you products, impact delivery times etc....you're letting your Customer Service be run by a third party....very dangerous.

4) Outrageous unit price....the current cost of the shirts means your profits are tiny margins. For our company last year, our profit margin is *literally* 500% above Cafepress users....and our shirts are screenprinted....and have a 3-4 day delivery...and run form a unique and well made store...and have an eBay element, increasing our traffic by a magnitude of hundreds...and make weekly sales well into triple figures....and we sell to boutiques at prices you cannot through cafepress.....and have many colours and darks.

The upside is ease and set up cost. The downside is everything else.
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