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Forum Rules

Joining the T-Shirt Forums is completely free! By joining the T-Shirt Forums, you agree to follow our common sense forum policies and terms of service detailed below. Please read over the terms completely before agreeing to join the site.

This forum is intended for individuals 13 years or older. By using and participating in the forums, you certify that you are 13 years of age or over. All those individuals under 13 years of age will need a full written release form from their parents before posting any messages. This is in compliance with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA).

T-Shirt Forums is a friendly community of t-shirt lovers. Both customers interested in buying a t-shirt and merchants selling t-shirts are welcomed to join and participate in our forums. Our goal is to leave no question unanswered!

All we ask is that you keep a few things in mind while using the forums. The T-Shirt Forums are a place where it's okay to be yourself as long as you always act with respect for your fellow forum members as well as the T-Shirt Forums staff.

There will great diversity in the age, race, gender, native language, location (international) of members in this forum. We ask that you do your best to remember the common bond that brings us all here: our interest in t-shirts and t-shirt information.

If you encounter any violations to these guidelines or if you have any questions or problems with the site, feel free to let us know using the Contact Us form located on all the pages of the forum.

We encourage you to participate and enjoy the T-Shirt Forums community while at the same time adhering to the simple guidelines below:

Be Welcoming!

Remember, we were all new to the forums and to the T-Shirt Industry once. When newcomers arrive, please try to welcome them to our growing t-shirt community. Many of our community members have years of experience and lots of knowledge to share; help new members learn about resources and and find information.

Be Courteous!

Don't attack others with words. Personal attacks on others will not be tolerated. Flaming, derogatory insults and hate speech will not be allowed in this forum. If you disagree with another member’s point of view, do so in a mature and civil manner. If someone seeks help from other forums members, please do not respond unless you have something positive or helpful to add. If you find yourself being flamed or insulted by another member, please do not dignify that person with a response. Notify a moderator or admin by using the "Report Bad Post" feature and let us handle it. This is not a mold and stamp factory where we will create identically thinking people. It is a help forum, and a friendly place to get together, socialize, and get support.

Be Cautious!

Think before you post or speak: Do you really want to put your address or telephone number on a public discussion forum? We encourage you to keep personal information personal.

In the same vein, do not ask for personal information from others. Discussion forum posts that request members to submit personal information to another party will be removed. Information that should be considered personal includes but is not limited to your home phone number, physical address, and age. If you must give this out for any reason, please do so privately.

Be Appropriate!

There may be places where explicit, obscene or vulgar language, graphics or behavior is appropriate however the T-Shirt Forums are not one of those places. Posts containing explicit, obscene or vulgar language will be removed. Links to Websites with adult content/images anywhere on the site will be removed. Simply put, we do not wish to be seen as supporting any site that contains adult content - adult content being defined as any material that you would not feel comfortable showing to your spouse, your teenagers, or your boss and co-workers. In other words, anything which is "NWS" (not work safe). This represents our desire to appeal to the widest possible audience. We realize that offensive and attitude t-shirts are a popular theme in the current t-shirt market, however, please use caution before posting links or images related to those t-shirt designs.

Be Ethical!

The T-Shirt Forums website: resources, articles and discussions are based on basic, appropriate professional ethical behavior. Unethical behavior: stealing other members intellectual property, copyright/trademark violations, spamming other members via email or Private Message, warez discussion and other illegal activites are completely inappropriate and will result in the loss of membership at The T-Shirt Forums.

Be On Topic

While the name of the site is "T-Shirt Forums", members are more than welcome to discuss subjects related to the industry. Including, but not limited to jeans, hats, hoodies, equipment, supplies, tote bags, shipping supplies, payroll, licensing, etc.

However, to help keep the threads helpful and informative, please try to keep your posts on the topic of what is being discussed. If you have a new, but related question, you are more than welcome to start a new thread about your new question.

Also, please leave politics and religion out of the forum discussions. Seriously, when was the last time you heard someone say, "Oh, that is a wonderful argument that you just presented. Now, because I heard that, I have changed my view to match yours"? :) In the area of religion and politics, it just doesn't happen that way. The reason for this is that for most people, their upbringing has more to do with their religion and political point of view, than having been exposed to well-constructed series of arguments. Debating religion or politics will created anger, hurt feelings, and possibly life-long enemies between people who otherwise would have been dear and supportive friends. And remember, there are numerous religious and political boards out there on the web if you want to join in a blood and guts discussion on those topics. At T-ShirtForums, the t-shirt industry is the topic, and education and information sharing is the goal. Signatures files or opening/closing expressions of faith that are non-confrontational are not meant to be excluded from the forum by this guideline.

Avatar Guidelines

We want you to express yourself at the T-Shirt Forums. We encourage all users to upload a unique avatar (image or graphic) that will show up next to their posts. This will help others quickly identify who is posting the message as well as allow them to get to know your personality a bit more. Currently, our system will show your avatar positioned over a blank t-shirt. If no avatar is chosen, your T-Shirt Forums userid number will show up as a default avatar. Avatar images should be static GIF or JPG images that are no larger than 48 pixels high by 48 pixels wide. The file size should be very small (under 5k) to keep page loading times to a minimum. You may upload an avatar after your first post. Please design your avatar graphic to have a white or transparent background so it blends well with the t-shirt background. Also keep in mind that sexually suggestive or offensive avatars are not allowed.

Signature Guidelines

In order to keep the page loading time of the forums to a minimum and to allow the t-shirt discussions to be easy to follow, we have adopted the following guidelines for signatures. Ideally, your "signature" should include your name and/or your business name and a link to your personal or business website(s). To be specific:

  • The maximum font size allowed in signature lines is 2.
  • The maximum number of lines in a signature is 2.
  • The maximum number of hyperlinks in a signature is 2.
  • No images allowed in signatures except for a maximum of 2 non-animated T-ShirtForums smilies.
  • Signature text should comply with our regular posting rules. No all-caps, no AlTERnAtInG caps, etc.
  • Signature text that is too long or obtrusive will be removed. This would include overly creative use of punctuation, color, etc. which make the signature too flashy
  • No affiliate or referral links!
  • Signatures cannot contain any calls to action like "Click here" "visit my site for more information" or any other language that could be mistaken as part of the post or be misconstrued as an advertisement.

No Cross-Posting

Do not post the same discussion more than once in the discussion forums or on many forums. Duplicate discussions are hard to keep up with and counterproductive for other members who are trying to help. Duplicate discussions will be deleted.

No Advertising – Spam

T-ShirtForums is not a place to post messages promoting your business or product. Do not post advertisements or product/service announements in the Discussion Forums. No link drops to your site to announce a new product or build your link popularity. You can read the full rules on posting URLs here. This will be considered SPAM and could result in the loss of your T-Shirt Forums Community Membership. Affiliate links are not allowed within the forums. If you wish to promote a particular program then promote the program not your own affiliate tie with it. Do not SPAM other members via PM with unsolicited business offers. Members who have at least 15 posts may post an ad selling t-shirt related items (used equipment, leftover blank t-shirts, etc) in the Classifieds section of the forum. Members who sell t-shirts will be able to upload pictures of their products to the T-Shirt Gallery and link to their T-Shirt Gallery in their profile and/or signature. You may respond to specific requests for service in the appropriate forums.

"Bumping" Threads

"Bumping" a thread is when you make a post for the purpose of making the thread appear on the "View New Posts" option, or light up as forums with new posts do. While there are some circumstances when doing this is reasonable, it should be kept to rare use (if no answer is posted to your question within 2 business days).

User Accounts

A maximum of ONE account is allowed per person. If you are found to be using two or more accounts, one or more of them will be deleted and you may be banned from the T-Shirt Forums all together depending on the situation. Please register one account and stick with it. If you have account problems, please use the Contact Us link and state the problem you are having. One of the Admin’s may recommend that you re-register if the problem cannot be solved but in most all cases a problem with an account can be corrected by an Admin.

No Abuse of PM

Private Messaging is provided to the members of the T-Shirt Forums as a service intended to enhance the Community experience. The purpose of private messaging is to allow for discreet conversations to take place between members. This privilege is not to be abused! Solicitation, spamming, or harassment of any kind is strictly forbidden. Any member receiving an inappropriate private message should forward that message to an Administrator or Moderator right away. Although private messages are normally only accessible by those who send and receive them, they are part of the database and as such, property of The T-Shirt Forums. An Administrator, if so inclined, could locate the Private Messages in the database and read them. They are private, but not necessarily secret. In addition, Private Messages are not intended to deprive the Community of valuable information or experiences which could benefit the entire group. Please do not use private messages if the content of the message can be helpful to others.

No Copyrighted Material

Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the member should not be posted on the discussion forums or used as an avatar without the consent of the owner. If such an event occurs, the individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible. The T-Shirt Forums shall not be held responsible for member-posted information that may violate copyright law.

Discussion of Site Policies

Discussions about moderator or administrator actions are welcome in email or private messages, but should not be discussed in public forums. This is out of respect for the members and moderators or policy involved.

No Company Bashing

Please do not use the forums to bash or trash another t-shirt company. If you have an issue or complaint with a particular company, please direct it to that company's customer service channels. Although we may provide forums for discussing a particular company's products or services, we are not to be considered the official support forums for that company. Posts like "company X sucks" or "company Y's products are cheap" or "company Z's customer service is rude" may be edited or removed. You may of course respond truthfully to other member's questions about a company's products or services, however, please do so in a professional manner. Sharing your experiences with different vendors and businesses (both good and bad) can be very helpful to others who are researching who to do business with. We just ask that your posts be kept professional and on topic. If you are in a competing business, please refrain from posting negative comments, accusations or assumptions about other businesses as this presents a conflict of interest (example: if you work for Coke, you probably shouldn't be posting negative things about Pepsi...well, you get the idea :)).

The T-Shirt Forums Discretion

The T-Shirt Forums and its assigned agents reserves the right to remove a post which does not relate to the topic being discussed in the forum. In addition, the T-Shirt Forum reserves the right to organize discussion forums in order to best serve the majority of our members. For example, narrow-interest or minimal activity topics may, at the T-Shirt Forum's discretion, be relocated to a more appropriate discussion forum, or deleted entirely.

The T-Shirt Forums or its assigned agents also reserves the right to prohibit or delete discussions that are thought to violate applicable law or that may be harmful to other members, the sites that comprise the T-Shirt Forums or the rights of the T-Shirt Forums or others. That said, we cannot ensure prompt removal of offending discussion forum posts. We also reserve the right to remove your membership from you should you violate these Guidelines.

Considering the real-time nature of this bulletin board, it is impossible for the T-Shirt Forums to review all messages or confirm the validity of information posted. Please remember that T-Shirt Forums does not actively monitor the contents of all posted messages and is not responsible for any messages posted. The T-Shirt Forums does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and is not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of the T-Shirt Forums or any entity associated with the T-Shirt Forums. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. The T-Shirt Forums has the ability to remove objectionable messages and will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if it is determined that removal is necessary. This is a manual process, however, so please realize that we may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately, in fact, we may not edit or delete posts that break our rules at all. We have many time constraints on us and cannot guarantee that we will be able to edit or delete posts that break the rules/user agreement. If you do not agree with this then do not view or register for the T-Shirt Forums. Although this Discussion Forum does not and cannot review the messages posted and is not responsible for the content of any of these messages, we at the T-Shirt Forums reserve the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever.

You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the T-Shirt Forums, Jelsoft Enterprises Limited (the makers of the bulletin board software), and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s). We at this discussion forum also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a legal action arising from any message posted by you.

Use of the site is at the discretion of the Administration of the T-Shirt Forums, and that any use may be terminated by the Administration at any time.

The T-Shirt Forum is a provider of an "interactive computer service". Postings on T-Shirt Forums are "provided by another information content provider" and not the T-Shirt Forums unless posted by the owner. The T-Shirt Forums is not the "publisher or speaker" of any posts in the discussion forums unless posted by the owner.

The user agrees as a condition of registering at the T-Shirt Forums to be truthful in their posts and regard to all information given during the registration process, to use the site as per the instructions, not to disclose his password to others for use, and that the site has a license (permission) for use of anything the user submits or posts to the site.

Thanks to Dottie from DWLZ.com for help with some of the common sense wording above :)
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