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Be active at the T-Shirt Forums and win!

The person who registers for the T-Shirt Forums and makes the highest number of (reasonable) posts, wins a $100 Gift Certificate from ThreadLess.com!

How does this work?

Simply register for the T-Shirt Forums (it's free) and start posting your t-shirt questions, comments, helpful answers, and help greet new members.

The person who has the highest number of posts by May 30th, 2005 at 11:59PM PST will win the $100 Threadless.com Gift Certificate.

What is ThreadLess.com

From the Threadless site:
"Threadless.com is an on-going tee shirt design competition, anyone can submit their design and if it gets a high enough score and is chosen by the Threadless crew it will be printed and sold from the site.

Most of the product found on Threadless is a result of the competition. A few of the shirts were printed outside of the contest, some of which were comissioned by Threadless to various well-known designers."

From my mouth: Threadless has a ton of great screen printed, limited edition t-shirt designs in a wide variety of themes, colors, and attitudes. They ship worldwide and they are always printing up new and unique designs.

Boring Rules

To qualify for this giveaway, you must be a registered user.

Posts must be considered reasonable by the T-ShirtForums.com management (ie they must contain some content...not blank or two word posts!); any posts that would normally be deleted due to the TOS (Terms of Service) will not be counted toward this total.

The administrators of this site are not allowed to participate in the contest.

No purchase necessary.

Void where prohibited.

Have fun please!
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