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T-shirt foil printing with waterbased adhesive

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I am going to put a foil design on my T-shirt and hoodies, but wanted to know can I screen print the waterbased adhesive today and then apply the foil by heat press 3 days later.

The reason why I ask is that I would get a friend to screen print the adhesive for me, then I was going to pick up the shirts later and apply the foils by heat press at the weekend.

Is this possible? I would appreciate any help the forum can offer.

One more thing, do you have to cure the waterbased adhesive before applying the foil? Can I use a heat gun?

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Hi everyone,

I have had this question on the forum for 24hrs and still have not had a reply. Isn't there some one on the forum who can give me an answer to my question. I am new to foil printing so any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks.
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