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I loaded my first shirt on t-shirt countdown today (the freebie) and when I associated it with its URL everything was fine.

But for whatever reason, when you click through to my site, you get an error.

I've used this URL several times before in an effort to promote the site on MySpace and it always worked fne, but something tells me tht when T-shirt Countdown attempts to count the clicks though, the URL is getting screwed up.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix?

So far all I got to work was sending the shirt to my site's main page, but not to the page where I'm actually selling the shirt.

To prove the URL actually works, and I'm not making this up, here is a link to the shirt: Cockblocking is Gay

As you can see, I can link to the shirt. Though sadly, I can't use this code on T-shirt countdown?

Anyone got a solution??? Rodney?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi TJ, I moved this out of the forums since it's a t-shirtcountdown specific question.

The software that powers t-shirtcountdown has some problems with special characters in the URL (like ampersands, etc).

One way to get around this is to use http://tinyURL.com to make a short URL out of your long link, and then use the tinyURL at t-shirtcountdown.com

For example, your link:

Becomes: http://tinyurl.com/kqcvs

So now you can use that tinyurl address at t-shirtcountdown.com

If you have any other questions, just let me know. You can always email or PM me directly with any t-shirtcountdown related questions.
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