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T Shirt Companies on the beach

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This question may have been asked in the forums before but i couldn't find the answer. I just got back from myrtle beach and i noticed almost every shop had a heat press in it and offered a service where they put all this different stuff on shirts right there on the spot. A buddy of mine got one and i took a look at it. It didn't seem like a vinyl it was almost as if it had been screen printed. I currently screen print and do sublimation with my heat press but I'm looking for a way to use my heat press more and find away to get around not always using sublimation as well as white shirts. If there are different sublimation papers or websites that will make transfers please let me know. Thanks!
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Most likely they are screen printed transfers.
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I was just in Myrtle Beach too & I would also say that they use screen printed transfers. One of the businesses that I stopped at I noticed that a lot of their designs were from F&M expressions.
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