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T-Shirt Brand Suggestions for Gift

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Hi all. I hope it's okay I'm posting here. I've been reading through the forums to get some information but thought it best to go ahead and post my question.

I'm looking to buy a few different brands of t-shirts as a Christmas gift for a friend. He's not big on fashion but likes comfort. He's 6'4" and just overall big. He once said he has the physique of a linebacker.

He's always wearing t-shirts and I thought I'd get him a few higher end ones. Any suggestions on brands to try? I would need these more as one here and one there - not wholesale. I'm looking for white, black, or other dark solid colors. Also, a tight-fitted shirt wouldn't work. Also considering one for when he runs the track, which is every day.

He's an XL and actually probably even an XL Tall. I know I want to try one bamboo but so far haven't found any in Tall.

Thanks for any and all help.
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Thanks. My only concern is that I thought they were a bit more fitted. Or at least that's what I have come to understand from other posts I've read on here. I'm looking for something that's more loose. He's not going to want anything that's tapered.
Im 6'3 230. A xl american apparel fits great. Its even a bit loose on me. A 2xl should be fine on him.
Can anyone tell me if a brand of bamboo clothing is better than the other? I'm going to buy online.

So far I'm looking at the sites:

OHNO and Bamboo Clothes.

Any other suggestions?

You could also try spunbamboo.com, they have really nice bamboo shirts. They are very, very soft.
Jerico. Do a search for them. If im not mistaken Rodney also orders their product.
Wow. Too many choices. I've narrowed it down to two brands based on color: Jerico and Bamboo Clothes

Is one better than the other? Better quality?
Does anyone know who offers more of a full or athletic cut?
Maybe who also has the heavier shirt?

They both sound/look the same to me though so it's hard choosing one.

Again, this is just for a gift and I'll be using it as a blank only.

Any input would be great.

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I am not sure about the brands you are talking about, as I have not bought from them. The spun bamboo ones are 6.1oz and a full cut though.
Thanks. Bambooclothes.com is actually the same as spun bamboo I think. I googled spun bamboo and when I clinked on that link it directs you to Bamboo Clothes. So we're probably talking the same place and your information is a help.
Pro Club is nice just google them. All my friends love those shirts.
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