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t-photos2go and travelling w/ the GT 541

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I'm just wondering if anyone has invested in the T-photos2Go package offered by Stitch City? For those that don't know, the T-photos2Go package was designed to go with the GT 541. It includes a digital camera, green screen, photo lamps, some kind of RIP software that's good for dealing with crowds, and an e-commerce page for re-ordering.

I am considering getting the Brother GT 541 and the T-Photos2Go package. I would be using it for onsite events like little league all-star games, etc. I'm wondering if I the GT 541 printer and the RIP SW it normally comes with is enough, or if I really need to get the photos2Go option?

Is there anyone out there using the t-photos program? If so, how has it helped you?

If you are doing onsite events but NOT using the T-photos2Go program, has it been difficult? Do I really need special SW for "crowds"?

Can I just go online and buy a green screen, some lights and a good camera myself? It will probably save about $4k if I buy those items on my own and skip the t-photos2Go SW. Or do you think that SW is truly invaluable??

Thanks in advance for your feedback!!
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Welcome to the forums. I am not sure about the tphotos2go, I did speak with Fernando (great guy) and we went over it but I have not purchased anything yet so I would also be interested in the information. We have had a brother for about 2 years and love it. (we have not tried to take ours on the road, very heavy) if you had a trailer built for it then I think it would work great.
Thanks for responding! I think the printer is about 300lbs, is that right? I've been doing some checking into trailers... the money adds up quickly :) I called a company that advertises a trailer that can be rented that was designed specifically for the GT 541, but unfortunately, I haven't heard back from them yet.

Some sales people that I have talked to have made the printer sound portable even without a trailer. One even suggested that I could throw it in the back of my minivan as long as the event was indoors. Does this sound right to you??
Where are you located?
We moved ours to a retail location from our basement, not something I would want to do much. I don't think you can just throw it in the minivan and go, so whoever said that has never seen the machine or seriously wants to sell you one.
We are in Warren, Michigan (about 45 minutes outside of Detroit). You know, I didn't think throwing it in the back of the minivan sounded right. He just said that I would be fine as long as I had "two strong guys" (this was a salesman talking). But isn't the machine about 300lbs?

I did see the machine in action at a trade show... but I was so amazed at what I was seeing, and the fact that they talked about how "portable" it is, that I didn't think about all the logistics...... ugh
It is probably 300 lbs, my husband and the guy that sold it to me are the ones that moved it to the new shop and it was a struggle.
When we bought our 541 the salesman told us it was not designed to be taken on the road.
Wow, thanks for the feedback! I was looking at this as a "portable option". I was completely under the impression that it was designed to be mobile (despite how heavy it is).
We had thought about that also but unless you have a climate controlled trailer I don't see it being a good idea. (dirt, heat, cold, etc)
forgot to mention, unless they have changed it, moving it voids the warranty
I asked the salesman about this MANY times. He said that it does not void the warranty.... he illuded to that rumor being started by competitors. Who knows. But, he did say that he would put it in writing for me that moving it would not void the warranty.

Did you ever check into the expense of getting a climate controlled trailer? I've been checking into it, but I'm worried about figuring all the logistics myself. I know there is a company that sells or rents them ready-to-go..... but that's very expensive!!!!
Teresa is right about the warranty, as it has been stated many times from many different brother users who had the same idea. Are you buying directly from brother? If not I would check with them directly to make sure the sales person knows what he is talking about.

If you look at this thread Inkjet Garment Printing - Screen Printing University • View topic - A Moving Idea for Brother Lovers , you will see Brian walker has a sweet trailer setup for the brother. Maybe you can talk to him to get some ideas, he may be able to help give you more info about being portable.
I thought I read somewhere that Brother is now selling a travel / moving kit for the printer. Not sure where I saw that, but I would ask the distributor about it. I am sure that Brian Walker will know the answer.
Yep Mark that is the thread I posted in my post, its about the trailer they are going to be selling I think.
If you contact Brian at Direct2 shirt he can give you the low down on traveling with the printer as he does that very often and sells the trailers also.The printer weighs 200 pounds.There is someone on this forum who was selling their trailer that was set up for this exact purpose I think hes asking 7000.00 and the trailer is located in Tenn. but I can't remember who it was maybe someone else can.As far a the warranty is concerned if Brian who is a distributer and promoting traveling with the Brother I would think its ok,I have a brother and we are seriously thinking of doing this.So good luck to you and call Brian hes in Ohio @877-622-3377
Thanks for all the feedback! I actually called Direct2Shirt last week. The person I talked to couldn't answer any of the questions I had regarding the trailer, so his boss is supposed to be calling me back (maybe that's Brian???).

The sales rep that I've been working with said that the key is to keep the printer and the heat press on the rolling stands so one person can easily move them in and out of a trailer, and then make sure you have a way to secure the stands in the trailer. We'll see.....

Yes, Brian is the man at Direct2Shirt. I am sure he will call you back. I actually got to go into his mobile trailer when it was at Chicago ISS Show. It is pretty nice (i.e. air conditioning, wood flooring,...). I am sure Brian can answer your questions.

The other thing to consider is there is a forum member name Printzilla (Marc is his real name) that at one point had a trailer and was trying to sell it. You might want to send an PM to him as well.

Yes hes right,And when you buy a Brother they give you a heavy duty free stand with locking casters.I think Brian was at a trade show last week.If you go on his website you can see a video of him and his trailer and how it is set up.Check it out Inkjet Garment Printing and Brother GT-541 Digital Garment Printer
I would be looking for a trailer with a larger vending window. Its a nice trailer for sure but it basically looks like a rolling office. So at events you are going to pay for the trailer space and then pay for the space to actually showcase and market your gear and whats going on in the trailer. A larger vending trailer can cover both of those jobs.
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