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T-jet usscreenprinting

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Has anyone heard anything about US Screen printing filing bankruptcy? I was at the Indy Printwear and the vendor that carries the T-Jet didn't have one setup and another vendor said they went bankrupt and are going out of business. Does anyone know if this is true....
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If you do a search for Hirsh and us screen, you will find that Hirsh just bought out 85% of us screen and I believe they are going thru a restructuring right now. I think it could be a good thing for both companies as it will give us screen the funds they need to move ahead. Hopefully we will hear more of their plans soon :)
Here's a magazine article about the Hirsch purchase: Hirsch Intl. Acquires Control of U.S. Screen
The rumors of USSPIT's demise may be slightly overstated. Hirsch did acquire 80% of US Screen by paying off $3mil in debt and $10,000 in cash for 800 of the 1000 common shares of US Graphic Arts (parent company of USSPIT). Subsequently USSPIT let go most of their sales force and Hirsch laid off a rumored 30 employees last week (after posting a $1mil loss for the 2nd quarter of 2008). US Screen is supposedely sitting on a several month back log of unfulfilled orders for printers and pre-treatment machines and admitedly is refocusing on their screen printing roots by trying to re-establish their position in the film and ink marketplace.

My gut says that they will emerge from the dust to be a player in the direct to garment printer market again, but that dust will have to settle first and bridges will have to be mended before a good long term assessment can be made about their longevity in the marketplace.

To view the full details of the buyout go to:

Thanks for all the updates. I was leaning toward the T-Jet for my digital printer until the show last week. I am now leaning toward the DTG Model from SWF
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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