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I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few questions:

I have a t-jet jumbo 2 which seems functional but going through the printing motions but not outputting any ink.

Research on the forum suggests it may be the fuse on the main board.

1) Does anyone have any pictures or info on how to replace that fuse, such as by passing it or adding in a replacement fuse holder and fuse.

2) To take it a step further, my epson authorized tech says that you replace the main board for $321+lablor, re-enter all the codes and your all set.

A DTG repair company has told me that these boards are specially made in Korea and no longer available.

I'm not a print shop, I havent even printed 500 t-shirts. This is just a hobby that I was hoping to have some fun with, and lately its been a nightmare.

any advice on dealing with this.

I'm not opposed to bringing someone out to do the work on my machine. I just want to know I'm in the right direction and if anyone can share picturs / diagrams, opinions, it would be apprecated.

Else, I may need someone to come help me bring the machine to the dump.

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