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Just wanted to update and give a shout out to Karl Steele at www.Americanscreensupply.com.

Was worried I would have to buy a new main board at a cost of $700 and the headache of having to replace it, but Karl walked me through a number of things to eliminate this possibility. He had me check all the cables, and the print head, which I normaly would have checked if there were flashing or solid lights, but didn't think the head had anything to do with it not powering up at all. Didn't seem to be any problems - good connections all around , no crimps, but when I disconnected the head from cable my machine powered up ! Pure joy! Cleaned everything up and reassembled and was back up and running. Only problem now is my white heads dried up and are permanently clogged . New head on order.

Thanks again Karl! also Thanks to Billy Lazo, and Justin Folsome for calling to help out, but fixed the problem already.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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