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System settings for brother pr650

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Hi everyone,
I've taken the plunge and just bought a brother pr 650e.
All this is new to me but I'm excited about the possibilities and eager to get to grips with the machine.
I was just wondering if anyone can recommend which of the system settings to set on the control panel. I'm a bit scared to change the settings but really knowing what they do.
Any help will be much appreciated

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Exactly which settings are you thinking of changing? I don't think we've changed anything on our PR600's since we bought them in 2007. We just traded one of the PR600's in for a Babylock ENT10 and I don't recall changing anything on that machine either.
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The only thing I changed was going from millimeters to inches. Other than that, you're good to go. I use EMBIRD software to send my designs to the embroidery machine. Follow the daily bobbin oiling and you should not have any problems. I have two PR 600's and been running them since 2008.
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Thanks for the replies. I think I will follow your advice and not change anything. Thanks again
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